2013 Wharf to Wharf


Artist: Louanne Korver
Louanne Korver’s original oil painting on canvas has captured our idea of viewing the race from a lovely garden. We collaborated to represent the beautiful area we live in and the family fun event. It is one of our most vibrant and beautiful posters yet!

The poster measures 20 x 24. This is offered in a regular edition and a small signed, limited edition on heavy weight paper. There are only 50 of these so order soon! 


Payment also available by phone at (831) 462-0313

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-5:30 PST

Poster Size: 20 x 24 inches

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  1. Hosting

    After much confusion, the race’s officials gave in and gave the trophy to one of the runners who had finished at the Wharf.  After that, a new tradition was born.

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