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York Gallery is extraordinary! Robin and her stall are invaluable at helping clients pick the right matting and frame. Not only do they have the technical knowledge, they also all have the artistic eye for color and contrast. You can feel sure, when you do business with York Gallery, you will love your framed treasures.

— Laurie W.

I came here with my 94 year old Grandmother to have her paintings reframed. Anthony helped us find more modern frames that still complimented her rustic style paintings. He was patient and had a great eye for the colors and lines in the painting. He was able to select just the right style frame for each painting to really make them pop. York’s customer service is impeccable and illustrates why it’s important to support local businesses who truly cater to their customers. My Grandma is so excited to see the new life York has brought to her paintings.

— Holly E.

I made another new friend today! Her name is Robin and she is a framing angel! I am so glad that I stopped in today to have a beautiful painting framed. I wanted something fancy. Robin helped me pick out the matting and a beautiful ornate gold frame to compliment the vibrant colors in the painting. I had NO idea that there are so many frame styles and designs to choose from!
With Robin’s help and expertise I was able to see that my painting will add flair to my wall and be a conversation piece.
Will I be back? YES! Because now I know that there is much more to frames than the end of the aisle red tag section at T J Maxx and because it is time to have my beloved drawings and paintings displayed elegantly.

— Julie K.

I’ve been coming here for years and the paintings as well as posters all have been attractively framed. Over the last few years, they changed hands and I’m sure they finished project will be artfully done. They gave me the choice of bringing home samples of the different frames . One of the frames I’ve used in the past, they did not have in stock, they contacted the company to get a samples for me. This is the type of service that sets this frame shop above others.

— Gail G.

Had another great experience with the extremely friendly and helpful folks at York Gallery. While I was there, two “regulars” came in and it was as if they were family. Robin and Sofia took a lot of time to help me with my items, determine the best way to mat, cut multiple windows, choose the right frame etc.

I highly recommend them.

— Forrest C.

I love this place! I’m not super familiar with framing so it was a first for me. However, thank god I got Ryan to help me out! She was super helpful and quick. Great customer service with a smile! Thanks again!

— Lauren D.

Robin and her crew at York are amazingly good with all aspects of framing. I use them exclusively for my framing needs. I highly recommend their services.

— Melinda V.

The staff at York Gallery are helpful, gracious and courteous. Sophia was so incredibly knowledgeable on types of frames and mats that I may want based on my description. The finish product was better than I could’ve hoped, especially as it was a gift for a family member. The store pushed through the order in a shorter timespan so I could be assured of having the finished picture ready to attend the party with gift in hand.

— Francesca S.

I’ve never had anything framed in my life because like most millennial, at 24, I still consider myself a child that doesn’t need things framed super fancy. BUT, I recently came back from a trip that truly meant a lot to me and I found some art there that I thought deserved better than a discount frame from the back of Ross.
I came to York not even knowing what to expect or really how I wanted my piece to look even at all. Kelly scooped me up immediately and helped me express my vision. She was so nice and patient and when I was like, “oh shit, that’s the price?” We figured out ways to lower it without compromising the flow of everything visually.
I was really afraid that, since I chose a little bit of a tropical theme, that I was accidentally going to make something incredibly tacky, but Kelly made it look like a damn dream!!!
I can’t wait to own this for many years to come. Thanks for everything York!!!!!!

— Lainee H.

Don’t look any further for framing needs, this is a great local business, with excellent service and reasonable prices. Very personalized help to make your project or art look it’s best. I will be back for sure!

— Richard W.

We have been clients of York Gallery, under Robins management and subsequent ownership for over 10 years. We have had over 50 pieces framed and the attention to detail and their ability to wrap our pieces in a way that brings out their finest attributes is second to none. The attention to detail also extends to customer service and the support staff are long term, well trained, and genuinely take great joy in helping to create loving structure around family heirlooms. I feel York Gallery deserves a 6 star rating if it becomes available!

— Dr. Bill Francis

I have taken my art to York for years, the service and quality of the workmanship is just incredible. Most recent was a very sentimental order; they selected the mat and frame and the finished work of art took my breath away – and the emotions went crazy from there. It is a stunning, beautiful tribute because of the choices they suggested for the frame and mat, they made a beautiful shadow box that is a new treasure and heirloom. Thank you Robin and staff, I am so grateful!

— J.S.

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Find us online to read more customer reviews:

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