This has been a family business since 1980 when Jim York started this up from his family run Little Baja business. We pride ourselves on treating each other, as well as our clients, with care.  Each & every piece of art is important to us. Our educated staff of designers & craftspeople will push any envelope to create your dream. We love a good challenge!

We offer a 10% Military Discount so please just mention this.

Robin Lerios began working for founder, Jim York in 1994 & bought the business in 2012 moving it to 619 Soquel Ave. in 2013. She learned her sense of design & color growing up in Santa Cruz with her dress designer of a mother.  She is also a professional photographer. 

Kelly Lake was hired as soon as Robin signed the papers & she is now the “go to gal” for all complex construction jobs. Kelly is adept at carrying out the legendary “York it” ability to get any job done. She is fast & precise, and what every framing shop needs.  Kelly has great customer service and has become a master framer in her time with us. 

Sophia Lerios joined our team in 2015. Having history as a make up artist Sophia has an eye for color and beauty! Her customer service makes her a client favorite. She is Robin’s daughter and is committed to the family business with her “finger on the pulse” attitude and memory.  Sophia wears multiple hats as she orders most mouldings and supplies as well as does the bookkeeping for the gallery.

Anthony Villano graced our door when we “weren’t hiring” in February of 2018.  We are SO glad that we reconsidered after meeting him.  He had been a framer years before and missed the job. He has mastered a variety of skills and is a solid part of our work force as designer, framer, and also some of the ordering.  Anthony brings a competent, attention to detail kind of force to the team.  

 We carry some of our local artist work in our ever changing gallery.  We produce the Wharf to Wharf poster every year since it’s inception by Jim York in 1986.  We have most posters still available.  We also offer a collection of prints & Giclees.

Our Promise:

To keep our prices highly competitive and to guide you through your framing options. We will help you create the finished piece you desire, doing our best to bring your vision to reality. We hold our work to the highest standards.