2016 Wharf to Wharf


Artist: Bridget Henry
Artist, Bridget Henry, has created this one-of-a-kind wood block print. In collaboration with gallery owner, Robin Lerios, she depicted a grand El Nino wave coming in to the Monterey Bay with either Santa Cruz or Capitola wharf in the background, (you decide).

Poster Size: 18 x 24 inches



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This unique and time taking art form is usually carved from one block of wood. The process involves carving and inking the block for each color and running it through the press. As the print is being created the design is being carved off, creating a truly limited edition of hand pulled prints. Mica has been added to the light blue to add a shimmer when the sun hits it.

The original set of 22, hand pulled prints, are the only limited editions we are selling this year. All other prints will be of a high quality poster variety.